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The relevance of conservation and proper management of the environment for the economic and social growth of nations has driven the development of an abundance of environmental legislation in the European Union. This has gradually been replacing national laws of member countries.

The diversity of control and monitoring tasks to be performed in the field of environmental quality demands a high degree of technical expertise and generates a large number of actions as a clear consequence of the application of the precautionary principle in the operation of the most polluting industrial facilities . This has led to the need to rely on private companies with technically qualified staff to perform the inspection and associated tasks that take control and enforcement of environmental legislation.

Thus the figure of the Inspection Entity Responsible for Environment, while it is a position hired by individuals and companies, is required to comply with environmental legislation and is an associate of the competent authorities in the environmental issues that arise. The functions generally developed regarding environmental matters are:

  • Sampling, analysis, testing, operations to determine the air, noise and water pollution and characterize waste, soil, sediments, living organisms, and effluent discharges of any kind.
  • Checking data provided by stakeholders and adoption and operation of remedial measures.
  • Issue reports on past operations or from checking and enforcement of legal obligations and administrative authorizations.
  • Monitoring environmental monitoring programs derived from environmental impact assessments and authorizations of discharges to the sea.
  • Periodic verification of self-control systems established by companies and approved by the competent authority.

To ensure technical competence of the inspection agencies in carrying out these activities, these companies must be accredited by the National Accreditation Body (ENAC) within their areas of responsibility. In that sense, Laboratorios Tecnológicos de Levante is accredited as an inspection under the UNE-EN ISO / IEC 17020: 2012, with record 159 / EI420, and serves as an inspection within the following areas:

  • Wastewater.
  • Surface fresh water.
  • Inland waters underground.
  • Marine waters.



We can certify the compliance of the discharge of sewage, treated or not with the requirements dictated by the competent authorities for disposal according to the environment where it is received.


PDF Sewage

Surface fresh water

We perform inspection services in the field of surface waters (rivers, lakes, reservoirs ...), for different administrations.

PDF Surface fresh water

Underground inland waters

Certify whether groundwater under consideration comply with legislation both for use for human consumption and for water to be protected against pollution by nitrates from agricultural sources.

PDF Underground inland waters

Marine Waters

We are able to certify whether beach waters are suitable for swimming, or water from a sea area near the point of discharge of an industry has suffered a deterioration in it´s quality.

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