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Laboratorios Tecnológicos de Levante specializes heavily in the environmental sector.

Along with the day to day work carried out by the company is the design and operation of networks of biological control in inland waters, including sampling and determination of all biological elements, design plants, spill control and remediation projects and works thereof monitoring and controlling the operation of wastewater treatment plants, including the microbiological control of purifying processes.

Likewise, given the accumulated experience and high qualifications of our staff, we are able to offer support services on environmental issues, as well as the completion of various official documents related to environmental issues.


Biological control

We specialize in the application of procedures for sampling, analysis and calculation approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment indexes.

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Development of spill control plans, sampling and analysis, correction and minimization.

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Monitoring and diagnosis of water treatment processes

We have extensive experience in the monitoring and diagnostic work process of wastewater treatments.

PDF Monitoring and diagnosis of water treatment processes

Legal and environmental advice

Every effort is made to update the regulatory requirements in order to offer reliable and up to date advice and assurance to our customers.

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