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Laboratorios Tecnológicos de Levante knows that one of the trends in the evolution of cosmetics is the greater demand for quality products. This is derived from the implementation of quality assurance systems, and secondly, the protection of the consumer.

Within systems of quality assurance, a very important criterion is the microbiological, because the very nature of what makes cosmetic prone to contamination has negative effects on the health of the user.

Our business is geared towards those laboratories that are manufacturing or importing products that need all necessary controls to be performed to assess the quality of the products manufactured, imported and/or exported.


Quality Control

Microbiological tests, physical-chemical, compatibility studies and identification trials using automatic bacterial identification of any growth isolated on a cosmetic product.

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Shelf Life Studies and Challenge Test

Shelf Life Studies and Challenge Test

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Stability Studies

Intrinsic stability studies, studies of short-term stability for estimating the lifetime and stability studies for estimating the long-term or "shelf life"

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