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The Agro-Alimentary Laboratory is divided into three very distinct areas:

Physical-chemical area: where the analysis and control of food and raw materials by conventional techniques is performed. The most requested analyzes are nutritional composition (Regulation (EU) 1169/2011), allergen analysis, analysis of additives, preservatives and stimulants.

Area of pollutants: laboratory equipment has liquid chromatography (HPLC) and gas chromatography which are detected from traces of pesticides from veterinary residues, mycotoxins, etc.

Microbiology area: tests the range from pathogen detection using fast techniques of molecular biology  (real-time PCR) and ELFA (VIDAS) techniques, to the quantification of microorganism indicators by automated NMP solutions or by plate count, using ISO techniques .

Sectors and services

Meat industry

Fresh meat , minced meat , meat preparations (burgers, sausages, pickled products, etc.), oil-cured meat products, cooked...

PDF Meat industry

Fishing Industry

Fresh, frozen, chilled, dried , smoked, salted, canned and semi-fish, bivalves, etc.

PDF Fishing Industry

Fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh cut, preserved, semi-preserved, dried, candied, glazed, crystallized, mushrooms and mushrooms, olives and pickles, pulses, tubers.

PDF Fruits and vegetables


Nuts and mixes.

PDF Nuts


Oils, butters and fats, both animal and vegetable.


Dairy industry

Raw milk, treated térmicamente (cleaned, pasterizada, sterilized, UHT), concentrated, evaporated, in powder, condensed, scum, butter, curd, curd, cheese, yogurt, other lacteal products.

PDF Dairy industry

Bread and bakery products

Special breads, bread precocido, elaborated and half-finished masses, products of pastry shop, pastry cook's shop and confectionary

PDF Bread and bakery products


Wine (red, pink, white). Frothy natural wines, gasified wines, aromatized wines.

PDF Wines

Alcoholic beverages

Spiritual drinks and revealed as gin, anise, rum, brandy, whiskey, etc...

PDF Alcoholic beverages

Not alcoholic beverages

Drinks refreshing and drunk based on juices of fruits.

PDF Not alcoholic beverages

Stimulant food

Coffee, tea, infusions, cocoa, chocolate and substitutes.

PDF Stimulant food

Snacks and appetizers

Fried potatoes, fried products of appetizer (snacks and similar).

PDF Snacks and appetizers