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LIFE-EMPORE website is already available¡

LIFE-EMPORE website is already available¡

EMPORE website is already available (ref. LIFE15 ENV/ES/000598).

EMPORE (ref. LIFE15 ENV/ES/000598) is co-financied by LIFE Programme, which is the EU’s funding instrument for the environment and climate action. Its main objective is the development of a methodology for the removal of emerging pollutants from European waste water treatment plants.

The project is due to last 36 months; it started last September and is to finish in August 2019.

Laboratorios Tecnológicos de Levante, S.L. will lead the project. The other associated beneficiaries are the EPSAR, AIDIME, University of Alicante, CONSOMAR, S.A. and Stitching IHE Delft (UNESCO)

Should you need more information, please visit our website www.life-empore.org.