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Laboratorios Levante - Genomics

In the genomics laboratory, different tests are carried out that range from the detection and identification of species in all types of samples by means of PCR and traditional sequencing, to the new techniques of massive sequencing (NGS) for the identification of all the species present in a complex sample, including environmental and food samples. In addition, new methods for the analysis of antibiotic resistant bacteria and their related genes has been developed by means of quantitative PCR analysis.

Regarding the agri-food sector, we offer the detection of species in complex samples of meat, fish and plants, of great interest for the determination of food fraud.

The genomics laboratory is equipped with modern equipment, including qRT-PCR and NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) sequencers.

Included services are intended to offer solutions for both companies and public sector entities, as well as universities or research institutes. The services we offer are:

DNA sequencing "Sanger"

  • Species identification (barcoding)

Massive sequencing “NGS” 

  • Sequencing of amplicons “16S rRNA, 18S rRNA, COI, rcbL” (metabarcoding)
  • Novo genome sequencing
  • Metagenome sequencing
  • Bioinformatic analysis of sequences

qPCR in Real Time (qRT-PCR)

  • Detection of food pathogens
  • Species detection in environmental samples
  • Detection and identification of antibiotic resistant bacteria "ARBs" and antibiotic resistance genes "ARGs"

Nucleic acid quality analysis

  • DNA quantification (spectrometry and fluorimetry)
  • Quality analysis by capillary electrophoresis