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Ejercicio de Intercomparación de Macroinvertebrados

  • Ejercicio de Intercomparación de Macroinvertebrados

Service Description:

The proficiency test is organized in two independent phases, to assess the main stages of the determination:

In the first phase, a homogeneous prepared sample is sent to every participant, along with some images of individuals. The test material consists of representative macroinvertebrate taxa individuals that typically occur in freshwaters from the Mediterranean/Central Europe regions. Participants must perform the taxonomic classification of the individuals and forward the results in the form that will be delivered along with the sample. Additionally, images of different taxa individuals will be provided with the sample for identification of some less abundant taxa.


Registration deadline: 16th, January, 2017

Phase 1: January 2016

A complete description of the proficiency test is available Here

This service is addressed to:

This proficiency test is addressed to laboratories and organizations working on the determination of macroinvertebrates quality indexes.


Phase 1+Phase 2: 659 € (taxes excluded). Applicable taxes will be borne by the customer, according to their national regulations.

Delivery: Spain 0 €

Europe (except Spain): 60 €

Rest of the world: Please contact us


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