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Laboratorios Tecnológicos de Levante operates in the following fields:

  • Analytical control of inland, marine, wastewater and the process of more than 400 accredited parameters including analysis of Salmonella and Legionella among others.
  • Sampling and analytical control of soil, sludge and waste.
  • Agro-alimentary analysis: microbiological and physio-chemical analysis of food (meat products, fish products, sweets and derivatives, nuts, spices, pastries, ready meals, surfaces and utensils
  • Field of cosmetics, including studies of safety and efficacy and analysis of physical, chemical and microbiological parameters.
  • Environmental studies, with determination and monitoring of biological indices in aquatic environments, spill control and supervision of the operation of treatment systems and wastewater treatment.
  • Also, LTL is accredited as a Lead Environmental Inspector.



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